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My Personal Oregon

ARTIST STATEMENT: While my images are taken outside with available light, and many of my images contain a horizon line, I don’t consider myself a traditional landscape photographer or a nature photographer. Finding the right image is not about capturing beauty, it is about finding a connection with what you are photographing.
When this approach is taken, I find my images are more personal. And as a result the images can be mysterious, emotional or even witty and ironic. Finding a connection starts with a mindset that is non-aggressive. I am not out to “grab” or “capture” photographs. Then I release my attachment to any specific outcome or pre-conceived ideas of what I will find. My images are a result of an open heart and a receptive mind. There are times when it seems that the right images find me. 
Black and White images speak strongly to me, and they allow for a more compelling message to come through. Monotone images focus on the elements of subject and light without the distractions that can be introduced with color. Any process that leads to the desired result is the right process; meaning that I enjoy both digital and analog photography. I will say that having a firm foundation in film photography, enriches and enhances my digital photography. There is also a connection to the history of the art form that film photography provides.

ARTIST BIO: David picked up photography right out of high school when he attended a nature/landscape workshop in Carmel, California. With his passion awakened, he completed an Associate’s degree and with the knowledge gained from those college level photography classes, and a week-long zone system workshop with Master photographer, Oliver Gagliani, he continued his education at Brooks Institute of Photography. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in photography with an emphasis in commercial photography.
David worked as an assistant and a wedding photographer for a couple of years before transitioning into video and corporate stage production. This in turn transitioned into working in the electronics and “dot com” industry culminating in a position at ZD-Labs testing hardware and software, and writing articles for computer and electronic magazines. For a period of about 15 years, David put aside photography in pursuit of other professional goals and to raise a family.
His passion was reawakened in 2008, and he has pursued it as an art photographer, not a commercial photographer. He now enjoys photographing the Northwest, his new home since 2000, and concentrates on black and white images. Currently David lives with his wife and son just west of Portland, Oregon.


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