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vision your dream 2016 : intentional creativity & aroma art weekend

Vision Your Dream 2016

Intentional Creativity™ & Aroma Art™ Mini-Retreat

Saturday, January 2, 2015

10am - 7pm


* Do you have a dream that remains unfulfilled year after year?

* Or perhaps dreams from long ago that have been “put away”?

* Maybe you are looking for something new to dream about and bring in to your life?


Kerry Lee, Certified Intentional Creativity™ Teacher & Coach from the San Francisco Bay area will guide us to find some new insight in to your inner wisdoms that you may not accessed before.

Anyone can create their own similar yet completely personal painting with this guided step-by-step method- and there is no experienced needed! Just and open heart and an open mind for the possibilities of something new. 


~ Have you always wanted to paint but haven’t known where to start?

~ Or are you already an artist and looking for something new, or a way to release a creative block?

~ Are you ready to give yourself a one-day get-away from the routine to discover new or additional insight in to yourself?

~ To literally play with paint using a step by step guided method that allows you to be as creative with as you’d like? 

~ What would it be like to know you could not make mistakes? 

~ Are you ready to go in to the new changing season feeling refreshed, peaceful and inspired? 


If you said yes to even one of these then we invite you to come join us to start the New Year with a day of personal insight, color and fun. Discover and paint the symbolic Dream Weaver in you! We’ll also incorporate the beautiful scents and transformative properties of pure essentials oils throughout the day. 


What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity is a method of creating with mindfulness and intention as part of a journey of self-discovery. 


It begins with an inquiry about a story that lives in our memory banks. This inquiry creates an awareness of what our wise inner voice, our intuition, our higher self, wants to express by tuning in to our subconscious through our right brain and our heart. Moving memory through our hands and in to image in physical form can create transformation. 


Utilizing a step by step process, Certified Intentional™ Creativity Coach and Teacher Kerry Lee guides her students through a transformative method of intuitive painting. The method, developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud can release blocks and old stories and allows new stories to emerge. It can also help heal life’s wounds and vision the future with new insight. Intentional Creativity is when we choose to bring our mindfulness to our creations. Intuitive Painting is where we practice a deep listening to the subconscious inner mysteries and draw our inspiration from them.


Kerry Lee believes each of us is creative and has an Artist within and her role is similar to being an artist midwife and inner wisdom guide. Using guided visualizations, Kerry Lee helps her students access the wise inner voice we all have. The Wise Inner Voice is the antidote to the Inner Critic and to old stories that no longer serve us. We use the voice of the Wise Self to guide us to find our treasures, symbols, icons and medicine and bring it back out from behind the veil into the light of our lives, and onto our canvases.


An intention is set and a vessel is created for a new story to appear in the form of paintings, affirmation cards and journals. Kerry Lee’s mini-retreats, individual sessions and team building events are a combination of working deeply with that which is sacred to each Artist as well as an opportunity to be deliciously playful as the Wise Inner voice in the form of a Muse  whispers and comes through onto the canvas.


Through this process, The Muse, who is the Alchemical Artist and Kerry Lee, who is your guide, help you transform old stories and manifest them into dreams come true. 


Whether you are a seasoned painter or a beginner, there is magic in this method for all. 


Please bring:

A special small item for our Altar of Intention related to your dream for 2016. You will take it back home with you. 

Food to share for communal mid day meal and a snack. 

Your own beverage, sparkling water with the essence of Wild Orange will be provided.

Cushion or yoga mat for the opening and closing circles.

A stool if you need to sit while painting.

If you have special needs, please bring what you need. 


Register now as there is limited space for ten. 


For more about Kerry Lee visit

Facebook: The Alchemical Artist Kerry Lee & You

Instagram: The Alchemical Artist

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