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From Revolutionary Lips


Red Thread Voices was birthed in early 2014, as I became more and more intrigued by the presence of Lilith and her importance for contemporary women. In my role as a Goddess Guide, I had become increasingly aware of the difficulties women encounter when they try to articulate their desire, their embodied truths, their lived experience. I saw all the ways in which we stifle and silence ourselves. And I saw the roots of that in the collective conditioning that informs what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century.

Drawing upon the academic research I performed for my phd thesis into publishing, authorship and the ways we express ourselves through story, I realized that I had the knowledge and the wisdom to make a difference to the feminine experience. I could create and hold a space that would encourage and enable the unleashing of the wild woman’s howl – that censored sound which possesses the power to spark revolutions.

My work arises from a photographic and writing practice which explores the constructions of a feminine self though the medium of self-portraiture. It dances wildly with the sacred feminine and it alchemises truth from the body, in the body, through the body.  It weaves a revolutionary red thread through the stories we spin about ourselves, and frees our lips to speak, to howl, to break silences.

Taboo-busting and truth-spilling, these poems, these photographs, will unlock the doors and lift the latches as, together, we find a way to come back home - home to our hearts, to our bodies, to our truth. 


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