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Deep Diving

Deep Diving - An exploration through self-portraiture, writing & chocolate


Like the sirens that sit
just off shore and call to us, 
sing our song of self back to us. 

We hear them singing
and we long to return,
to give ourselves over to the mystery, 
to dance on the edges
of who we were meant to be
and the roles that we continue to play. 


In this unique 2 day experience - part self-portrait tutorial, part writing workshop, part sacred chocolate ceremony - we will dive deeply into the material of our lives, so that we might reflect back to ourselves, through image and word, the magic and the mystery of this embodied moment.

At the end of our time together, I want you to feel the rich depth of your psyche enfleshed. I want you to experience the ease of access to the collective unconscious through engagement with your own material - the symbols, the stories, the images that are sacred to your own experience of becoming. I want you to have the tools to dive in and swim out to where the big fish live. And I want to show you how to express that experience through writing and self-portraiture. 

Combining the magic of sacred chocolate, movement, writing, witnessing and, of course, self-photography, this workshop promises to be something very special. 

deep diving workshop (Amy Palko)
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Can you feel how your body knows this place? 
Can you feel it welcoming you home? 

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